Meet our Faculty

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Ideanna Acosta, PA-C (Biosketch) Physician Assistant

William A. Allen, JD, MDiv (Biosketch) Associate Professor, BLMP

Tanya Anim, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Stefania Carmen Bray, MD, ABIHM (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Philippa Bright, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Charles Byrd, PhD (Biosketch) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Peter J. Carek, MD, MS, CAQSM, FAAFP, DABFM (Biosketch) Professor and Chairman, C. Sue and Louis C. Murray, M.D. Professorship in Family Medicine

Lisa Chacko, MD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Medical Director for Acorn Clinic

Ku-Lang Chang, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Danielle Chaplin, ARNP (Biosketch) Family Nurse Practioner

James R. “Jay” Clugston, MD, CAQSM  (Biosketch) Associate Professor

Shenary J. Cotter, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

R. Whit Curry, Jr., MD (Biosketch) Professor Emeritus

Alpa Desai, DO (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Medical Director Family Medicine at Jonesville, Family Medicine at Hampton Oaks

Marvin A. Dewar, MD, JD (Biosketch) Senior Associate Dean, University of Florida Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, UF Health Physicians

Samuel Dickmann, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Nicholas Dorsey, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Katie M. Edenfield, MD, CAQSM  (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

David B. Feller, MD (Biosketch) Associate Professor, Vice-Chair for CHFM

Brian Fitzgerald, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Run Gan, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Jonesville

Ken Grauer, MD (Biosketch) Professor Emeritus

Jocelyn Gravlee, MD, CAQSM (Biosketch) Associate Professor

Ann M. Grooms, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

John G. Gums, PharmD, FCCP (Biosketch) Professor

Helen S. Hagan, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Hampton Oaks

Karen L. Hall, MD (Biosketch) Professor and Director, Family Medicine Residency Program

Lucia Hansen, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Grant Harrell, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Robert L. Hatch, MD (Biosketch) Professor, Director, Medical Education, University of Florida AHEC Program

Samantha E. Holtzman, PA-C (Biosketch) Physician Assistant

Olga Ihnatsenka, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Mitul R. Jones, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Kristin Kay, ARNP (Biosketch) Family Nurse Practitioner

Jason Konopack, MD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Old Town

Shae Graham Kosch, PhD (Biosketch) Professor Emeritus and Clinical Psychologist

Louis Kuritzky, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor Emeritus

Maria Elisa Lupi, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Arch G. Mainous III, PhD (Biosketch) Professor, Vice Chair of Research for CHFM

John Malaty, MD (Biosketch) Associate Professor, Medical Director Family Medicine at Main

Brenda McMahon, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Michael J. McTiernan, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

James Medley, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Elvira Silveria Mercado, MD  (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Asim Merchant, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Haile Plantation

Charlie Michaudet, MD, CAQSM (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Susan Millan, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Director of UF Health Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center

Ray E. Moseley, PhD (Biosketch) Associate Professor

Danielle Nelson, MD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Main

Brian H. Nguyen, PA-C (Biosketch) Physician Assistant

Kim N. Nguyen, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Medical Director for Family Medicine at Eastside

Guy Nicolette, MD, CAQSM (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Director of Student Health Center

Ombola Oduntan, MD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Frank Orlando, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Cheree Padilla, MD, CAQSM (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Maribeth Porter, MD, MS (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

David M. Quillen, MD (Biosketch) Associate Professor

Larry G. Rooks, MD (Biosketch) Associate Professor Emeritus

Daniel A. Rubin, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Assistant Director for AHEC Program

George P. N. Samraj, MD (Biosketch) Associate Professor

Siegfried O. F. Schmidt, MD, PhD (Biosketch) Professor

David Selman MD (Biosketch) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kristy Smith, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Steven M. Smith, PharmD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Lauren Solberg, JD, MTS (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Abha Tewari-Washam, MD, MPH (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Karen Theoktisto, ARNP (Biosketch) Family Nurse Practitioner

Petra Townsend, MD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Althea Tyndall-Smith, MD, MS (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Ly-Le Tran, MD, JD, FCLM (Biosketch) Adjunct Associate Professor

Beverly L. Vidaurreta, PhD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor, Program Director, Student Counseling and Development, College of Medicine

James T. Wagner, PhD, MDiv (Biosketch) Assistant Professor Emeritus

Greg Westwood, MD, PhD (Biosketch) Assistant Professor

Lesa Wright, ARNP (Biosketch) Family Nurse Practitioner

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