Family Medicine Residency Program


Karen L. Hall, MDI am delighted to introduce you to the University of Florida Family Medicine Residency program. First established in the mid 1970’s, the program boasts over 250 Family Physicians who practice throughout the United States and Canada. Our graduates practice in traditional solo private practices, group practices, academics, emergency departments and hospitalist positions.

When making a decision about the location where you want to train, there are a number of factors to consider.  Where will I receive the best training? Where would l enjoy my time off when I have free time? Who will be my teachers, mentors, friends and who will be by my side when I need help in the middle of the night? What will my job opportunities be upon completion? What are my options for further training and will I be prepared for them? Where will my significant other find training or education? How about my children? The easy answer is “here at UF”!

The University of Florida Residency program offers the educational advantages of a high quality education in an environment of high quality patient care. Shands Adult and Pediatric Hospitals are vital components of UF Health, one of the top 100 integrated healthcare systems in the U.S. Our experienced, physician-teachers are dedicated to promoting the professional and personal support of residents to prepare them for future medical practice aspirations. Our brand new, state of the art, fully equipped family medicine center is the heart of the residency program where residents refine their clinical and procedural skills.

I hope that these advantages stimulate your interest in visiting and learning more about our outstanding Family Medicine Residency program.


Karen L. Hall, MD
Professor and Residency Program Director
Department of Community Health and Family Medicine
Professional Biography

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