Research & Quality

In keeping with the Community Health and Family Medicine mission to “foster research and discovery in primary care,” we promote scholarly activity; research; discovery in health behavior, clinical practice research, community health, rural health, medical ethics, health law and policy, and other related fields; and we disseminate the information generated as a result of these activities.

Long–term Objectives

  • Prioritize local community health, evaluating needs, and developing systematic interventions in primary care settings
  • Develop a research strategy for studying the effectiveness of social work intervention with primary care patients
  • Emphasize research training at the Residency Program, bringing residents into established research projects and giving them opportunities to practice research and publishing
  • Explore how primary care research fills a vital role in the development of an institutional clinical translational research model

Facts and Accomplishments

  • Our research team has an IRB-approved generic informed consent database which allows us to access a pool of previously consented study participants to speed up the patient identification and recruitment process.
  • The Department and residency program have joined with 30 other primary care medical and research sites throughout the country to form the National Interdisciplinary Primary Care  Practice-Based  Research Network (PBRN).

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