Important Announcement – Email and Calendar Services

Academic Health Center Information Technology (AHC-IT) will be upgrading your mail and calendar services to Exchange 2010 on Wednesday night (11/16/11) between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM the following morning. During this time you can continue to access your email and calendar using your preferred client or Outlook Web Access at

What to Expect

After your mailbox has been moved there will be no action required for most customers other than restarting Outlook. Customers with Macintosh computers may need to make minor configuration changes as detailed below. Most mobile devices should continue to work after the mailbox move. If you are experiencing any problems with email / calendar access please restart the device. You may have to reconfigure your mobile application to use the server name of .  Additional information for configuring mobile devices can be found at

Getting Help

Please contact your departmental IT support staff if your email client is not working after the email migration.  Please note that you can also access your email and calendar by using Outlook Web Access at

Macintosh Computers

Outlook 2011 (these steps may not be required depending on computer configuration)

1. Start Outlook 2011. On the Finder Bar, click Tools menu. From the Tools menu click Accounts.
2. Select your Exchange account.
3. Click on the Advanced… button in the lower right hand corner.
4. Change the Microsoft Exchange Server FROM TO, and click the OK button.
5. Close the Accounts window, and restart Outlook 2011.

Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition

1. Start Microsoft Entourage. On the Finder Bar, click the Entourage menu. From the Tools menu, click Accounts.
2. Select your current email profile.
3. Change the Exchange Server name to
4. Save settings and restart Entourage

Mac Mail

· For Snow Leopard OS (10.6) or later use: for the incoming server address.
· For Leopard OS (10.5) or earlier use: for the incoming server address.
· Detailed instructions are available at

Supported Browsers for Outlook Web Access –

· Windows – IE7 and later, Firefox 3.0.1 and later, and Chrome and later
· MAC OS X10.5 and later – Safari 3.1 and later and Firefox 3.0.1 and later
· Linux – Firefox 3.0.1 and later

If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact me at or 273-5005.

David Twombley
Assistant Director, Workstation & Device Support
Academic Health Center Information Technology
University of Florida & Shands Healthcare