What is SharePoint 2010?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a collection of software that allows internal collaboration via a secure online platform or intranet site. Workspaces are typically used by a department or team to share documents and files, manage project timelines and tasks, post discussions and agendas, and schedule meetings.

The “Intranet” link in the footer of this website will take you to the Dept of CHFM SharePoint site.

Users can sign in to SharePoint via an internet browser, preferably Internet Explorer (other browsers do not support full functionality). Paste or type the URL into the browser’s address bar. If prompted by the Windows Security pop up message, enter your Username and Password and click OK.

For example:

If you have a GatorLink account type: UFAD\username and password for your GatorLink account.

If your email address is yourname@shands.ufl.edu, type: SHANDS\username and password from your work computer.

UF&Shands AHC Training has put together a Quick Reference guide to SharePoint 2010 to help you get started with your Intranet site.