AHC-IT Service Announcement

The Workstation and Device Support team will be implementing a zone support structure starting on Monday, March 26th.  Each zone will consist of UF and Shands IT staff providing coverage for AHC-IT supported customers within that area.  Each department or unit  will continue to have a dedicated WDS manager who will be the liaison for IT support questions or issues.  The liaison will meet regularly with unit administration and can attend faculty or staff meetings upon request.

The goal for this new structure is to provide a consistent level of support which meets each unit’s functional business requirements. Two major  advantages to a team structure are better coverage depth and increased availability of skill sets and experience for the entire customer base. The zones are also designed to minimize travel distance which will improve response and resolution time for customer requests.

Over the last two months the WDS team has been actively documenting each departments specific applications and  systems into the enterprise knowledge system.  Each zone will have dedicated staff for high priority requests while the remainder of the team will service routine requests. This ensures that all priorities are being resolved in a timely fashion.  The WDS managers will be actively monitoring requests and team leads are being put into place to provide additional technical support and escalation capability.

WDS will be implementing new service level goals with defined response, resolution, and escalation times based on request priority.   We will be tracking these metrics to ensure they are consistent with business needs and are sustainable within allocated resources.   Each month the manager liaison will discuss these goals and metrics with unit administration so that we are working in partnership to achieve the service levels required.  These metrics will include the following information:

  • Number of service requests for the department
  • Percentage of requests by priority
  • Percentage of tickets which achieve service goals
  • Total technician time utilized

The transition to the zone structure has been carefully designed to minimize impact to our customers but there are some important items to be aware of:

  • Customers should submit service requests at http://helpdeskuf.shands.ufl.edu or by calling 265-0526
  • There will be IT staff changes in some areas
  • Customers can request escalation of a critical request by calling 265-0526

A summary of this message will be sent out to AHC-IT customers on Friday.  Please contact me or one of the WDS managers listed below if you have any questions or concerns about the new support structure.

Crissy Snyder, crissyg@ufl.edu, 273-8224
Rick Anthony, rant@ufl.edu,  273-5056
Richard Sims, simsri@shands.ufl.edu 294-5460

David Twombley
Assistant Director, Workstation and Device Support Group
Office:    (352) 273-5005
Mobile:  (352) 870-4000
Email:    twombley@ufl.edu