UF File-Express: File Sharing Service

Introduction: File-Express: File Sharing Service has been implemented to meet the continually growing demands of the UF community.  This service allows any individuals with UF Gatorlink accounts to exchange files that may be too large, or otherwise blocked by, traditional e-mail methods. Using a secure server and the Gatorlink Authentication system, users can easily share files with members of both the UF and Non-UF community.

File-Express folder vs. SharePoint: University  of Florida allows for internal file sharing through a variety of methods including e-mail and other networking options.  Many UF units on campus also have SharePoint access. Please refer to the chart below for clarification on when a File-Express folder should be used for file-transfers.

Features File-Express folder SharePoint
File Content Personal & Corporate Exclusively Corporate
Accessibility Internal & External Associations Internal Corporate Associations only
Main Purpose Transfer of Completed Files Collaboration Tool
File Size Unlimited number of files of no more than 5GB each Unlimited number of files of no more than 50MB each
Folder Creation Unlimited, created by individual user. Created by administrative personnel, privileged access required.

To learn more about UF File-Express and create your own folder: https://file-express.ufl.edu/