Chapman (Humanism Honor Society) Inductees

UF has a humanism honor society (The Chapman Society), and this is the list of 4th year students, residents and faculty who were just selected.  Our residency pulled off a trifecta – a 4th year who will be joining us (Sam Dickmann), a current resident (LouMarie Colon) and a graduate of our residency who is a hospitalist here (Deepa).

And note too that Sam Dickmann won the Leonard Tow Award – kind of like the Humanism MVP! Dave Feller and Phil Barkley won the faculty version of this in 2011 and 2012.

I just forwarded this to Tina, and she is going to announce it, but wanted to be sure you knew too, especially in case you want to mention it at an upcoming faculty meeting.

Rob Hatch, MD

From: Chapman Society
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 9:34 AM
Subject: Chapman induction banquet

We had a wonderful time inducting 23 students, 6 residents, and 2 faculty:

Dan Alexis
Hamideh Asghari
John Busigin
Blake Butterworth
Danielle Cobb
Rachel Cohen-Shohet
Tahnie Danastor
Samuel Dickmann (Family Medicine Intern)
Amy Driebe
Christina Escobar
Lauren Foster
Denise Frohlich
Philip Gilbo
Shawen Ilaria
Anna Kowalczyk
James Medley
Marcos Mills
Kathryn Mince
Jonathan Mizrahi
Mayur Mody
Mary Kate Reischmann
Miaoyuan Wang
Peter Zavitsanos

Bradley Beeler, MD
Christopher Bucciarelli, MD
Loumarie Colon, MD (Family Medicine 2nd Year Resident)
Janelle Gooden, MD
Alex Mathai, MD
Kelly Tepedino, MD

Deepa Borde, MD (Family Medicine Graduate and current UF Hospitalist)
Donna Parker, MD

Dr. Parker and Samuel Dickmann were the Leonard Award winners this year!  And Dr. Jay Lynch was the featured speaker.

It was wonderful to see our graduates who returned to attend the banquet, including Meera, Karla, and Ana.  And thanks to everyone for their hard work in organizing the banquet and selecting the faculty and resident members.