May 5: UFIT Updates & Opportunities (McAfee Expiring/UFEM, P2P Streaming Video, Online Teaching Resources, ITSG)

  1. UF McAfee Licenses Expire: September 2015

The university’s licenses for McAfee anti-virus is expiring in four months. UF’s replacement for this expiring functionality is UF Endpoint Management (UFEM). If not started already, university IT staff should be planning their UFEM deployment strategy to replace McAfee. UF’s license with McAfee will expire in September, 2015.

→ All copies of McAfee software must be removed by September 20, 2015.  

UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) is UF’s New Solution!   UFIT provides endpoint management services for all UF endpoints via UFEM (  Since UFEM went live last fall, there has been strong, early adoption by numerous colleges and units of the university.  UFEM replaces the functionality of McAfee for anti-malware.  In the time period since the service has been in production, more than 14,000 endpoints (e.g., servers, desktop PCs, laptops and tablets) are already connected to UFEM.   The ability to manage all aspects of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux endpoints from a single console is a big plus for workstation managers and IT directors.  UFEM is FREE to all colleges and units of the university, including DSOs.  Training is mandatory before service access (via security roles) is granted.  For more information please visit the UFEM site:

  1. Spring 2015 Peer-2-Peer:  Presentation Stream Now Online (One.UF, ITSM, Email Systems at UF, TERMINALFOUR)

The Spring 2015 P2P was held Thursday, April 9.  The link for the event presentations is now available.  Attendees were sent a survey where they could suggest topics for the Fall 2015 P2P.  If you’d like to suggest a topic, email your suggestion to the IT Training Committee.

  1. New Webpage: Online Teaching ResourcesInstructors can now access the latest Online Training Resources via a new section on the Center for Instructional Technology and Training website. These resources, requested by the UFIT’s faculty clients, focus on three key areas: Active Learning in Online Courses, Student Engagement in Online Learning, and Assessments.  More information is available on UFIT News.
  2.  The University of Florida’s 2015-2020 Strategic Goals for IT publication is online:  Check it out!


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