August 4: UFIT Updates & Opportunities (DAS-Phase 3, FISMA Environment for UF, Wi-Fi Expansion, Workshops)

UF’s FISMA-Environment is Now Live 

Research Shield, UF’s FISMA-compliant environment, is now operational.  With Research Shield or ‘ResShield’, UFIT has enabled the high-security guidelines mandated for data created, stored, or accessed by federal agencies and their entities. ResShield encompasses select virtual computing resources, including universally encrypted data and drives, controlled access through a firewall, a two-factor authentication requirement, and software security.  For more information visit the Research Shield website.

Distributed Antenna System Project Now in Phase III 

Related news:  Wi-Fi installation along Museum Road and near the Bat House occurred earlier this summer.  Since installation, Wi-Fi in this area of campus has benefited students who live in residential complexes nearby as well as researchers who study the bats and require Internet access to record data.

UFIT has begun phase 3 of the expansion to the University of Florida’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  A primary component of phase 3 is the construction of a neutral-host Outdoor DAS (ODAS) Head End equipment building by AT&T.  This building will serve as a hub and house the various service provider’s ‘Base Transceiver Stations’ that provide network connectivity–important when you consider UF’s increasing reliance on mobile usage for academic as well as administrative computing needs. The ODAS hub will connect to strategically-placed remote nodes in buildings throughout campus. At the completion of phase 3, UF’s distributed antenna system will be the largest in the U.S.

New UF Wireless Certificate – August 16

On Sunday, August 16, during the normal 6am-9am maintenance window,  UFIT will deploy a new, stronger certificate for the “UF” wireless system.  This system, which is based on the 802.1x standard, uses certificates to assure a secure wireless connection.   Most users will see no change in behavior.   Please encourage the faculty, staff, and students in your area that haven’t used UFIT’s automated wireless configuration in the past to visit prior to the August 16 upgrade.   Users experiencing difficulties before or after the certificate upgrade may contact the UF Computing Helpdesk (352-392-HELP/4357 or for assistance.

New Workshop Offered for UF Faculty and Staff:  “Optimizing Graphics, Videos, & Audio for Class”

Learn how to use different graphic editors to create graphics for the e-Learning environment in this new workshop, scheduled for August 31 and again on September 21, from 2pm-4pm.  Faculty can also sign up for the next offering of Qualtrics or SPSS. (Dates for each to be determined by the participants’ schedules and preferences.)  For workshop descriptions and to register, please visit

FREE Cybersecurity Workshop for Faculty and Staff 

60 Minutes recently reported that Florida leads the nation in Medicare and tax fraud–crime. Tax refund fraud is the fastest growing cybercrime, requiring only a Social Security number and DOB to do serious damage to an individual’s financial and personal well-being.  A great way to help yourself not be a victim of identity theft is to register for the Cyber Self-Defense workshop on August 13. The workshop, led by a member of UF’s Information Security Office staff, will provide you with easy-to-follow advice and information that you can then share with family and friends. Registration for this 2-hour workshop is available through myTraining.


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