Our Christmas Family

clip-art-christmas-snoopy-998015With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now time to look towards Christmas! In the spirit of giving, we are collecting donations for our adopted family from the Interdisciplinary Family Health Program.

Our family is the same one from Thanksgiving and consists of four: mom, two sons, one daughter, and their cat.

These are the gift ideas that we received from the mother:

  • Mom: Didn’t ask for anything.
  • Cameron is 11 years old and loves video games. Has a PlayStation 3. Needs new remotes, likes to play games on iTunes and on the computer. He also likes playing baseball but does not have a favorite team. His favorite color is red. He wears size 14 in boys clothing, size 8 in men’s shoes.
  • Darren is 8 years old and loves hot wheels, hot wheels’ sets, any outdoor toys, nerf guns. He does not need any clothing but does need a new back pack for school. His favorite color is green. He does not have a favorite sports team.
  • Kira is 6 years old and loves all crafty things, making bracelets. She is also a girly girl and likes anything pink or purple. She wears a size 7/8 in girls’ clothing and a size 1 in shoes. She does not have a favorite sports team and likes the Kidz Bop music cd’s.

You may wrap your gifts or leave them unwrapped. If you wrap them, please put a sticky note on the present indicating what’s inside.

The deadline for donations is by Monday, December 19th at the latest.

If you, or your clinic, need help picking up/dropping off donations, please contact Macy Gordon at 273-5103 or macyrgordon@ufl.edu.

Macy Gordon
Administrative Support Assistant