Do you access the “UF” WiFi network?

The “UF” WiFi network is going away in February, read about what will replace it.

Phase I of Migration to Eduroam Underway – New SSID Now Live

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Migration of campus wireless users from two options (UF and eduroam) to just eduroam is underway.  There is now a new onboarding SSID—“ufgetonline”—replacing “ufinfo”, for the Academic Health Center and the main UF campus.  The ufgetonline onboarding process acts the same as ufinfo.  The ufinfo SSID will remain live until February 28, so the UF community can become accustomed to the ufgetonline name.  Both the Health Science Center and UF Computing Help Desks have updated their documentation to assist any clients who have questions about the change.