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The CHFM Pulse  

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin



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Fellow CHFM Member,

Welcome to another addition of The Pulse. As you will note, the Department of Community Health and Family Medicine is an active participant in the academic activities at the University of Florida and in the discipline of Family Medicine. We continue to expand our activities as we meet goals in each of our three missions: Education, Patient Care, and Scholarship.

Best regards,

Peter J. Carek, MD, MS

Professor and Chair




We’re proud of all the awards  that our talented CHFM faculty and staff have received since our last newsletter in February. It shows we’re on the right track. Congratulations to the following award winners for all of their hard work and dedication: 

• Denny AganaOutstanding Research Award,  2016 UF Public Health and Health Professions         Research Day

• Peter Carek, MD, MS:  UF Health Quality and Patient Safety Award - 3rd place

• R. Whit Curry, Jr.,  MD:  Lifetime Achievement Award

• Rob Hatch, MD, MPH:  Ken Kellner, MD, PhD, Outstanding Clerkship Director Award

• David Quillen, MD:  UF Health Quality Leader

• Larry Rooks, MD:  2015 Society of Teaching Scholars Lifetime Achievement Award

• Dan Rubin, MD:  Inducted into the Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society

• Kieran Shute, MD:  2015 Society of Teaching Scholars Outstanding Resident Teachers Award



Congratulations to the faculty, residents, and staff who were invited to present at the 49th Annual Spring Conference for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, April 30 - May 4, 2016, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. See the STFM Presentation section for an inclusive list. 





We continue to monitor our patient care activities and seek ways to expand services to meet the needs of our patients and communities. As such, we will be adding physicians to several practice sites in the next several months. These sites include Haile Plantation, Eastside, Main Street, Jonesville, and Old Town. Additionally, we have begun the process to relocate our Hampton Oaks practice to the northwest area of Gainesville.



We set our residency numbers to a 9-9-9 residency complement, with 27 students in total, and matched with 9 new residents. Three were from UF, one from Miami, one from Loma Linda, one from Albert Einstein, one from Des Moines Osteopathic School of Medicine, one from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and one from Queensland, Australia.


Our fellows were very busy in February, attending several UF educational events – the Running Medicine Conference; Sports Medicine Conference; and Safety in Adolescent and High School Sports Medicine: Myth vs. Reality – and managing the medical station of the Five Points of Life Marathon under the direction of Drs. Katie Edenfield and Seth Smith.

In March and April, our fellows covered several multi-day UF Track and Field events. Additionally, Drs. Bonnet, Wilt, and Zapf attended the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (AMSSM) Conference in Dallas, Texas, alongside Sports Medicine Faculty.  Fellows and faculty presented posters regarding cases and research, and Dr. Clugston conducted a SMART Workshop at this conference.

Our fellows will be graduating from our program on June 30.  We are excited for them to become the next physicians to receive their Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine.  All previous fellows – a total of 15 since 2007 – have had a 100 percent first-attempt pass rate on the CAQSM exam.  On July 1, we will welcome Drs. Thomas Starnes and Katherine Langley to our one year fellowship program.


The Advance Directives Training Project is currently underway. Drs. Bill Allen, Ray Moseley and Lauren Solberg will be visiting each CHFM clinic in order to train staff on how to assist patients with completing advance directives. The Project aims to raise awareness about this kind of early informed consent and increase their documented numbers in the electronic medical record.




Dr. Edenfield recently obtained funding from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine for a collaborative grant with the University of Georgia titled “Cardiovascular Screening with History, Physical, ECG and Echo in College Athletes.  5-Year Results from Two Division I Institutions”. The purpose of this study is to investigate the results of comprehensive cardiac screening done at the University of Florida and the University of Georgia from 2011 to 2016.  The primary objective of the study is to determine the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of history, physical, ECG and echo for cardiovascular screening for detection of cardiovascular conditions.  Secondary objectives are:  1) To determine high risk groups stratified by sport, gender, and race/ethnicity. 2) To report echocardiographic norms in college athletes. 3) To report any complications or morbidity caused by secondary investigations or treatments.


To further our readmission reduction initiatives, we are starting a new study called COMPARE2 (Comparison of Factors Identified by Patients and Providers Associated with Hospital Readmission) led by Eric Dietrich, PharmD. This study seeks to find common underlying causes for hospital readmissions by obtaining the patient’s perspective, in addition to the healthcare provider’s perspective, on the possible causes for the patient’s return to the hospital within 30 days or less of their previous discharge. The study will collect data via two separate interviews conducted by research staff that ask the patient and the provider (separately) to identify potential reasons for readmission. The results will then be analyzed to determine the main reasons that cause patients to have hospital readmissions and if there is a discrepancy in what patients perceive and what providers perceive to be the cause.


Dr. Clugston and his research team in the UF Sports Concussion Center are collaborating with the University of Georgia on a new study to explore the influence of sleep and physical activity on concussion recovery. The results of this study will help guide clinicians in determining the utility of sleep management programs and physical activity recommendations to aid recovery following concussion. Concussed students will be matched with non-concussed students; both will wear a wrist actigraph device to objectively capture sleep quality and physical activity bouts and will complete various assessments to track their concussion recovery and sleep quality.



We have numerous quality improvement projects occurring that are addressing issues such as readmission rates to the hospital, emergency department utilization by our patients, and referral rates of our physicians to specialists. These projects are meant to improve the care we provide as well as meet any additional needs of our patients and community.

As an example, the current status of our readmission rate project is noted in the graph below. While our rate has improved, we continually seek interventions that will lower this rate even further.

• Readmission= A patient discharged from Family Medicine service and admitted as urgent or emergent to any other service in Shands UF Health system within 30 days of the discharge (excludes observation patients on both discharges and readmits)

• Readmission rate= Readmissions/ Discharges

• Current Weekly Average = Average readmission rate for 10-week period (9/21/2015-11/29/2015), 1 year from pre-intervention period. Average weekly rate for pre-intervention period (9/22/2014- 11/30/2014) was 23%

• 1st Lower Limit= Current Weekly Average – 1 standard deviations; 1st Upper Limit= Current Weekly Average + 1 standard deviations

• 2nd Lower Limit= Current Weekly Average – 2 standard deviations; 2nd Upper Limit= Current Weekly Average + 2 standard deviations

• 3rd Upper Limit= Current Weekly Average + 3 standard deviations

Hospital Readmission Quality Improvement Projects

The inpatient team has taken several initiatives to address hospital readmissions and improve patient care.

• Weekly Quality Rounds Discussion

• COMPARE2 (see details of study in research section)

• Home Visits for High Risk Patients

• Risk Stratification: LACE Tool

• Follow Up Appointments

Clinic Quality Improvement Initiatives

As part of the department goal to improve patient care and continually improve our processes, all clinic sites are working within their own practice to implement process and or workflow changes to meet goals of various quality measures. Medical directors are taking the lead and engaging staff in quality improvements efforts tailored to their unique patient populations. Clinic sites also review monthly reports to monitor changes. Below are the items that clinics are focusing on:

• Chronic Conditions Management

      > Diabetes
      > Asthma/ COPD
      > Heart Failure
      > Hypertension

• Emergency Department Utilization

• Pneumococcal Vaccines

• Advanced Directives

Resident-Led Quality Improvement Project

The residents at the Main St. clinic form teams that develop and initiate quality improvement efforts in the clinic.

• Preventative Screenings



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The grip strength and diabetes publications listed above in the Publication section have received a lot of press, notability with Fox News TV and the Wall Street Journal. Links to articles are listed below.

Fox News TV - Detroit

Fox News TV - Los Angeles

Wall Street Journal

The prediabetes studies have also generated more than 100 news articles including US News and World Report, MSN, AARP, Medline Plus, and many TV stations. Links to articles are listed below.



US News and World Report

Dr. Ray Moseley participated in a televised discussion on the show Viewpoint titled “Navigating Ethics: Computers and Patient Privacy.” The conversation, which featured a discussion about the ethical implications of electronic health records on patient care and privacy, aired March 6, 2016 on WPBT2, a local PBS-affiliate network in the Miami area. Link to the video is listed below.






The Florida Bioethics Network’s second annual conference on Issues in Clinical Ethics will take place on Friday, April 29, 2016 at the Sheraton Orlando North in Maitland, Florida. Panel and speaker topics will include “How Do You Ask for Consent? The Dos and the Don’ts,” “Informed Consent: A Modest Proposal for More Informed Research Participants” and “Giving Consent for Future Procedures: Advance Directives.” Some of our UF colleagues will be speaking at the conference, including Drs. Bill Allen, Bob Guenther, Lauren Solberg, and Ray Moseley. To register or learn more about the conference, you may visit:


The annual UF Health Community Health Fair is coming up on May 10 at the UF Hilton Conference Center on 34th Street and Hull Road and will run from 8:30 a.m. until noon.  This event has traditionally been called the Women’s Advantage Health Fair but since some men attend, the name has changed to Community Health Fair. Organizers are anticipating 300-400 people to attend. CHFM will have the following people attend to help with blood pressure screenings, cholesterol/glucose results, and marketing.

Run Gan, MD – Jonesville

Mitul Jones, MD – Haile

Helen Hagan, MD – Hampton Oaks

Danielle Chaplin, ARNP – Haile

Misty Gray and Sherri Swilley – Administration Office 


The CHFM family will gather to celebrate the distinguished careers of Drs. R. Whit Curry, Jr., Linda Hensley, and Larry Rooks on May 20. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Main Street clinic and will last until 7:30 p.m.


On June 4, Community Health and Family Medicine will host a summer picnic at Poe Springs Park for all staff, faculty, and their families. The event will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with BBQ lunch provided for all.

Please bring your bathing suits and take a swim or enjoy many outdoor games from volleyball to frisbee. Here is a link to Alachua County’s Parks and Recreation webpage for Poe Springs Park. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!


Starting on June 7, Grand Rounds will be hosted at the Main Street clinic and will also continued to be video conferenced via Jabber at each of the clinics and admin conference room as well as streamed live via Mediasite.

 June 7th Presenter:

Thomas A. Pearson, MD, MPH, PhD

Executive Vice President for Research and Education

Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine


The 1st annual department research day will be held on June 23 from 6 - 8:30 p.m.  The event will be held at the Champions Club with dinner and poster presentations. Faculty members are expected to attend.


Congratulations to our 11 3rd-year residents on their graduation! They will celebrate their achievement on June 24 at 6 p.m. at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.




Gator Day is one of the oldest traditions in Tallahassee during session and has been celebrated for decades in the State Capitol. As part of Gator Day, Dr. Carek was selected to be Doctor of the Day, proving patient care in the State Capitol clinic.  Congratulations Dr. Carek…what an honor to be chosen.



CHFM joined colleagues from UF Health in support of National Wear Red Day on February 5 to help raise awareness for heart disease. Attendees were offered lessons in hands-only CPR and automated external defibrillator use.


On March 28, the University of Florida 2015-2016 Superior Accomplishment Awards program luncheon was held at the Wyndham Garden Gainesville.  Congratulations again to Sheila Diuguid and Rachel Rivera for winning the Superior Accomplishment Award and to Sherri Swilley for the Diversity and Inclusion Award.  




Dr. Clugston is currently involved in several concussion research studies. The largest of which is the NCAA-DoD Concussion Awareness Research Education (CARE) Consortium which has enrolled 20,000 athletes from 30 institutions and collected post-injury data from nearly 1,000 sports related concussions.  Clugston is the UF site principal investigator (PI) and also serves on the study’s Operating Committee.  In addition to CARE, Clugston is PI of the AWARE study with Banyan Biomarkers Inc., looking at serum markers for brain injury in UF football, lacrosse, and soccer athletes.  This study also measures head impacts using helmet sensors in UF football players.  He is the PI for the UF Athletic Association Concussion Databank and for the UF Student Health Concussion Databank.  These banks allow concussion information to be collected and accessed for research.  He is also collaborating with the University of Georgia on a sleep and concussion study and also participates as a co-investigator on several concussion studies with other UF researchers in neuropsychology, neurology, orthopedics, physical therapy, and radiology. 


Amanda serves as the nursing lead for Family Medicine and is responsible for developing and implementing Department specific policies, protocols, and critical pathways. She works closely with clinical staff (RN, LPN, MA, and CCA) on core competencies and provides clinical nursing assessment, support, counseling, and direct patient care in an ambulatory setting. She also works in collaboration with other health care providers and ancillary services and maintains mandatory regulatory institutional policy and procedures under the direction of the Chair.

Amanda moved to Florida in August 2015 to be closer to family and started working for CHFM in December 2015. Before working for CHFM, she started her health care career working as a medical assistant in both family medicine and internal medicine. In 2008 she graduated from nursing school with a BSN from the University of Maryland. Her roles as an RN included emergency room nursing, school nursing, and various teaching positions. She graduated from Stevenson University with her MSN with a focus on health care leadership and management.



The 2014-2015 Annual Report has been published and added to the CHFM webpage.  Here is the link to the report: 2014-15 Annual Report



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Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH

Practical Scholarship for Residency Programs

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Mustafa M. Ahmed, MD

Device Therapy: A Contemporary Approach to Advanced Heart Failure

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Mustafa M. Ahmed, MD

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F. Kayser Enneking, MD

Thrombosis versus Hemorrhage: Managing Antiplatelets & Anticoagulants in the Perioperative Period

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Catherine M. Edwards, MD

Thyroid Function Disorders: Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

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