Thursday, November 5, 2015                                                                    Volume 2. Issue 2.

The CHFM Pulse  

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin



• Chair's Message 

• 2015 State of the Dept. Recap

• Achievements 

• CHFM Events

• Faculty & Staff Spotlight: John Malaty, M.D., Kelsey Prange

• Research Highlights


Chair's Message

Fellow CHFM Member,

In addition to providing up-to-date information regarding departmental members and activities, this edition of the PULSE has a review of the amazing accomplishments of our faculty, residents and staff for the previous academic year. Once you have completed your review, you will understand why I feel fortunate to be a member of the Department of Community Health and Family Medicine at the University of Florida.

Best regards,

Peter J. Carek, MD, MS

Professor and Chair



On Friday, September 25, Dr. Carek delivered a State of the Department address to all CHFM faculty, staff, and special guests – Drs. Good, Flynn, and Limacher. The event was held in the brand new Harrell Medical Education Building, a stunning venue! Presentations included a run-through of the year for Community Health and Family Medicine, each Medical Director presented their clinics accomplishments for the year, and Program Directors followed suit with their accomplishments.

Patient Care

• Achieved PCMH Level 2

• Increased patient access for daily appointments 

• Placed physician assistants and nurse practitioners into most clinical sites

• Provided additional services to our patients

• Improved referral process 

• Involved in numerous studies (I-PRO, IGNITE, others)


Medical Student Education

• CoM Leadership Positions

• LCME Site visit

• Curriculum Committee, Admissions Committee


• 2015 American Academy of Family Physicians Program of Excellence Award categorical winner - University of Florida College of Medicine Family Medicine Interest Group (Daniel Rubin, MD - advisor) 


• Preceptor Series

• Family Medicine/Ambulatory Care Clerkship

• 4th Year Sub-Internship

• Several very popular electives


• Continuity Clinic

• Interprofessional Learning

• Students writing orders


Resident Education

• Matched nine first year resident positions

• Experienced 100% pass rate on ABFM Certification Examination

• Patient care experience

• High volume of patient visits with expanded services

• Implemented additional / focused procedural training

• Team-based care addressing population health as well as care of individual patients

• Expanded opportunities for research and quality improvement

• Improve resident survey results

• Outstanding teaching evaluations



• Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship (CHFM, Ortho)

• Full Accreditation

• Fellows qualify for CAQSM

• Faculty with CAQSM

• Work closely with UAA to provide care to UF student-athletes

• Opportunities for resident and student rotations


Faculty Development

• Instituted faculty development series with emphasis on improving scholarship and teaching skills

• STFM Program Enhancement Award Recipients 2015 (Tanya Anim, MD)

• Departmental Grand Rounds addressing faculty related matters; additional conferences present clinical topics



• Anniversary Fellow in Pharmacy, IOM - Steven Smith, PharmD

• Superior Accomplishment Award - Lavina Gramig and Emil Kanji

• Inducted, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - George Samraj, MD

• Clinical Science Teacher of the Year - Robert Hatch, MD, MPH




2015 Family Practice Management Award for Practice Improvement 

Our department will be recognized for its efforts in hospital readmission initiatives at the STFM Conference on Practice Improvement, December 3 – 5, 2015, in Dallas, Texas.



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• Chang K, Weitzel K, Schmidt SO. Pharmacogenetics: Using Genetic Information to Guide Drug Therapy. Am Fam Physician 2015;92(7):588-594.


• Smith SM. Resistant Hypertension and Susceptible Outcomes: Exploring the Benefits of Aggressive Blood Pressure Control. J Clin Hypertens 2015;doi:10.1111/jch.12677.


• Carris NW, Smith SM. Quality of Life in Treatment-Resistant Hypertension. Curr Hypertens Rep 2015;17:61. DOI 10.1007/s11906-015-0578-5.


• Carris NW, Ghushchyan V, Libby AM, Smith SM. Health-related quality of life in persons with apparent treatment-resistant hypertension on at least four antihypertensives. J Hum Hypertens 2015;doi:10.1038/jhh.2015.61.


• Beavers CJ, Carris NW, Ruf KM. Management Strategies for Clopidogrel Hypersensitivity. Drugs 2015;doi:10.1007/s40265-015-0414-x.


• Smith SM, Hasan M, Huebschmann AG, Penaloza R, Schorr-Ratzlaff W, Sieja A, Roscoe N, Trinkley KE. Physician Acceptance of a Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Treatment Model for Hypertension Management in Primary Care. J Clin Hypertens 2015:1-6. Doi:10.1111/jch.12575.


• Shniderman AB, Solberg LB. Cosmetic Psychopharmacology for Prisoners: Reducing Crime and Recidivism Through Cognitive Intervention. NeuroEthics 2015;doi:10.1007/s12152-015-9242-7.






The Administration office of CHFM held its annual Administrative Retreat – “Strengths Quest” – at the scenic Lake Wauburg for a day full of learning and team building exercises.

The first part of the day included a presentation on ‘Workplace Strengths’ and discussed the ‘Strength’s Finder 2.0’ book and test.

The second part of the day included a low ropes team-building course, which was designed to be a team building activity, where mental and physical strength was used to solve problems.




In 2007, Dr. Malaty made a career decision that has had a lasting impact on not only the course of his professional life but also the lives of Family Medicine patients, residents, and staff.  Having almost completed his residency in ENT, Dr. Malaty changed directions and returned to one of his first interest in medical school, Family Medicine.  In 2010, after serving as Family Medicine Chief Resident, Dr. Malaty joined the faculty of Community Health and Family Medicine at UF.  Throughout his time with the Department, Dr. Malaty has ardently served as a leader by guiding future generations of Family Medicine residents with personal and professional development, contributing to vision goals to advance research and quality in primary care clinics, and by providing compassionate and expert patient care.  In addition to the numerous awards that Dr. Malaty has received,  he was awarded the Superior Accomplishment Award, in 2012, which highlighted his leadership contributions and dedication to the department.



Kelsey Prange is our Senior Accountant. She is responsible for creating and managing the annual expense budget; reviewing monthly financial data for budget variances; monitoring and managing grant and foundation funds; approving purchases, travel, and expense reimbursements; asset management and key control; space allocation; and ad-hoc reporting, as needed. Kelsey also supervises the Senior Fiscal Assistant, whose primary responsibilities include processing travel and expense reimbursements, accounts payable and receivable, and purchasing.

Kelsey has been serving the department for over three years and has enjoyed being a part of its growth and evolution.     




“An Interactive Patient-Centered Consent for Research Using Medical Records”

PI: Dr. Ray Moseley

The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate a novel, electronic informed consent application for research involving electronic health record (EHR) data. In response to NIH RFA-OD-15-002, this study addresses research using clinical records and data, including the issues of the appropriate content and duration of informed consent and patient preferences about research use of clinical information. First, this study will design an electronic consent application intended to improve patients’ satisfaction with and understanding of consent for research using their EHR data. The electronic application will provide interactive functionality that creates a virtual, patient-centered discussion with patients about research that uses EHR data. Also, to correct potential misconceptions and increase informedness, the application will present trust-enhancing messages that highlight facts about research regulations, researcher training, and data protections. Second, in a randomized trial, this study will compare the effectiveness of this new interactive, trust-enhanced consent to an interactive consent with no trust enhancement (interactive) and a consent with no interactivity and no trust enhancement (standard).


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