Sey Park, MD (In Memoriam 1989-2018)

Sey Park, MD with Family and Friends
Hello all!

My name is Sey Park (it’s pronounced “say” and Park is pronounced “park”, amazingly). I was born and raised in the Orlando area, but I’ve spent almost a third of my life now in Gainesville, FL having gone to undergrad and medical school here and I love every day of it. I’m the second of two children; my sister is an interventional cardiologist here at UF (she clearly stole the brains from me) and we both have loved Gainesville ever since we each arrived here. Family medicine stole my heart when I realized that I could see a bit of everything: pediatrics, geriatrics, and everything in between. UF stole my heart for the third time for residency for many reasons: the program is rock-solid, with an enormous emphasis on great patient care through rigorous clinical training. This program is also blessed to be surrounded by specialties which consistently rank in the top 50 of U.S. News and World Report and, as such, you learn from the best. I’m also blessed to be surrounded by great residents and attending physicians who are extremely personable and knowledgeable about their craft.

When I’m not taking care of patients, I take a vested interest in technology, specifically its impact on people and interactions. I hope to reflect that interest in my future research to see how patients can use technology to their advantage for their own health. In addition, I love watching most sports, but specifically college athletics (specifically football and baseball) (go gators, obviously), NFL (being #1 and #2 in a fantasy football league the past two years helps) and also just recently became a huge Orlando City SC fan! I’ve also gotten bit by the travel bug recently, and am hoping to go to London or Australia sometime in the next year.