Faculty/Staff Resources

CHFM ResourcesAdministrative services which are provided to the department are wide ranging and include faculty and staff hiring, staff orientation, compliance, information security, fiscal management, grant proposals and management, administrative reporting, information systems support and clinical quality.

We have compiled some resources to help answer any questions you might have about CHFM or University of Florida processes. If you have any concerns or additional questions, please contact one of the service assistants below.

Department Fiscal Department Human Resources Department IT Department Operations

Who should you contact? 


Human Resources
Sheila Diuguid (352) 273-5143
Emil Kanji (352) 273-5141
Kelsey Prange (352) 273-5149
Najwa Liscombe (352) 265-9566
Ben Rooks (352) 273-8025
Clinical Operations
Jon Coffey (352) 273-5140
IT/Technical & Information Security 
Art Watson (352) 273-5158
Administrative Assistance
Lavina Gramig (352) 273-5159
Chase Buchanan (352) 273-5146
Rita Miller (352) 273-5103
Chairman’s Office
Lavina Gramig (352) 273-5159