Ly-Le Tran, MD, JD, FCLM

Ly-Le Tran

Ly-Le Tran, MD, JD, FCLM
Adjunct Associate Professor
Program in Bioethics, Law and Medical Professionalism
1600 SW Archer Road Rm G1-024
Gainesville, FL 32610-3001

Contact Information
Phone: (352) 273-9677
Fax: (352) 273-5213

Professional Biography

Dr. Ly-Le Tran is an internist with law training. As a former executive in pharmaceutical industry, her experiences and interests are in the areas of medical research and global research regulatory affairs. She graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and perused her medical degree at Wake Forest University. Dr. Tran later completed her residency training in internal medicine at Norwalk Hospital in Yale Medical Center, Connecticut.


JD Seton Hall University (School of Law)
Newark, New Jersey
Residency Norwalk Hospital
Yale Medical Center, Connecticut
Internal Medicine
MD Wake Forest University (Bowman Gray School of Medicine)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
BA Fordham University
Bronx, New York

Academic Interests

  • Ethics in Biomedical Research & Research Compliance
  • Course Co-Director, Financial, Business, Ethical and Legal Aspects in Medical Practice

Recent Publications

  • Itri LM, Sherman MI, Palleroni AV, Evans LM, Tran LL, Campion M, Chizzonite R. Incidence and clinical significance of neutralizing antibodies in patients receiving recombinant interferon-alpha 2a. J Interferon Res. 1989 Sep; 9 Suppl 1:S9-15.
  • Berman E, Heller G, Kempin S, Gee T, Tran LL, Clarkson B: Incidence of response and long-term follow-up in patients with hairy cell leukemia treated with recombinant interferon alfa-2a. Blood 75:839, 1990
  • Carleton, SC, Shesser, R., Pietrzak, M., Chudnofsky, C., Starkman, S., Morris, D., Johnson, G., Rhee, K., Burton, G., Chelly, J., Van Valen, MK, Tran, LL: A Double-Blind, Multicenter Trial To Compare the Efficacy of Intramuscular Dihydroergotamine Plus Hydroxyzine Versus Meperidine Plus Hydroxyzine for the Emergency Department Treatment of Acute Migraine Headache (1994)
  • Tran, LL: Manage Care: The American Experience. Med. Trial Tech. Quar. Vol.41: 2, 563-596 (1995)
  • Tran, LL: Ethical and Legal issues in Bio-Medical Research. Med. Trial Tech. Quar. Vol. 42: 2, 113-140 (1996)
  • Ma P, Wang Y, van der HJ, Nedelman J, Schran H, Tran LL & Lamberts SW. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic comparison of a novel multiligand somatostatin analog, SOM230, with octreotide in patients with acromegaly. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy 2005, 78 69–80
  • Tran, LL, Silva,A., Glusman, JE, Schmid, HA. Therapeutic Potential of the Novel Multiligand Somatostatin Analogue, SOM230, for Patients with Cushing’s Disease. Endocr Pract. 2005; 11 (Suppl 1)
  • Tran, LL, Schmid, HA. Preclinical and Clinical Experience with the Novel Multiligand Somatostatin Analogue, SOM230. Endocr Pract. 2005; 11 (Suppl 1)

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