A Day in the Life of a UF Resident

University of Florida Campus near Library West


Overall my experience at UF Shands was comprehensive! Residency is what you make out of it. You can take the easy path of meeting requirements or you can benefit the richness of academics and hands on experience from sports medicine to gynecology to procedures of all types, that I found every day of Family Medicine residency at UF. A unique trait to UF Family medicine was the ability to focus on different areas of interest. In my experience, I chose women and children. I had the privilege to get extra training in OB and women’s health and fertility and have focused on that in my practice. Third year provides the experience of running the inpatient team and managing a group of residents on the ward while making medical decisions accurately. The greater outpatient load in third year, which is very similar to my outpatient private practice made the transition to the real world easier.

Maryam Phillips MD, Class of 2013 – OB Area of Concentration


I can’t believe this is my last year of residency! My colleagues have become my family. As a third year, my time is split between clinic for 2 week blocks and then various inpatient rotations and electives for 2 week blocks. I have great continuity of care with my clinic patients and have gotten to know some very well through the years. I am applying to palliative care fellowships currently. My co residents are preparing for sport medicine fellowships, outpatient jobs, and hospitalist jobs. The program has done a great job of preparing us for whichever path we have chosen to pursue. Being in Gainesville has been great and I love being a couple hour drive to the beach and Universal Studios!

Mruga Nanavati MD, Class of 2020


As a second year, my schedule changes every two weeks. I rotate between two weeks of outpatient which includes my own clinic, procedures clinic, OB clinic, underserved clinic and specialty clinics. Every week is unique and I love the variety. The next two weeks are inpatient where I rotate on varying services. I enjoy these weeks because they are very busy and you get to work closely as a team. The variety at work, combined with lots of good food and outdoor activities keeps me engaged and excited about work.

Kelcie Brown MD, Class of 2021


Intern year we rotate on a wide variety of services but of course my favorite is the family medicine service! A typical day on the FM service involves arriving anytime between 5:30 and 6. We get signout from our night team and take care of business (aka round with the team). The service usually has a large volume of sick patients with a wide variety of pathologies – so plenty to learn every day. Afternoons may involve going to continuity clinic, didactics, or staying at the hospital managing the first call phone until the night team comes back at 7. There’s not a whole lot of time between getting home and going to bed (maybe that’s just me and my 8:30 bedtime…) but I like to get in plenty of snuggles with my dog, eat dinner with my fiancĂ©, and hopefully sneak in some time in to catch up on the latest episode of whichever reality show I happen to be watching.

Lindy Williams MD, Class of 2022