Family Medicine Center

The model family medicine center provides an ideal office setting offering many services that are often found only in hospitals. The center maintains a fully staffed clinical pharmacological consulting service. The pharmacy service is staffed by doctors of pharmacy and senior pharmacy students.

Services provided to the patients and physicians include:

  • Hospital consult program to aid the inpatient team with problems in pharmacotherapy of complicated patients.
  • Computerized pharmacokinetic ambulatory consult service that performs serum drug concentrations, compliance checks and predicts dosing requirements.
  • Inpatient educational services including patient counseling, instruction concerning unusual dosage forms, diabetes and inhaler teaching programs.
  • Interaction with the University of Florida Drug Information Service.
  • An up-to-date library in the Family Medicine Center. The library houses medical books, atlases for anatomy, dermatology, physical diagnosis, procedures, genetics, pediatrics and radiology as well as pertinent medical journals in hard copy.
  • Electronic access to the Health Science Center library, pub med and electronic resources for health maintenance, pharmacotherapy, point of care medical resources.
  • A fully equipped laboratory and x-ray facility.
  • Two procedure rooms for minor surgery, flexible sigmoidoscopy, flexible nasolaryngoscopy, colposcopy, and minor procedures.
  • Diagnostic capability for ECG, spirometry, audiometry, tympanometry.
  • A simulation room used for running mock codes or practicing procedures.