UF Academic Health Center

The University of Florida Academic Health Center, which serves as a major referral center in Florida and the Southeast, plays an important educational role in the residency program. Located at the edge of the University of Florida campus, three miles from the Family Medicine Center, the Academic Health Center houses UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital, Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Health Related Professions, Pharmacy and Nursing.

Many family medicine resident rotations are based at UF Health Shands Hospital and many Academic Health Center faculty serve as consultants and teachers in the residency program.Patients are admitted to the Family Medicine Inpatient Service from the Family Medicine Center, Emergency Department, and outlying clinics in the Department of Community Health and Family Medicine. Patients come from all socioeconomic classes with a variety of common medical problems.

With more than 2,000 admissions per year, the Family Medicine Inpatient Service provides residents with in-depth exposure to the full range of general medical problems encountered in family medicine as well as many critically ill patients. Residents rapidly become familiar with a variety of procedures and have ample exposure to experiences such as hemodynamic monitoring, hemodialysis, ventilator management, hyperalimentation and management of cardiac arrest.

Faculty from the Family Medicine Residency Program attend full time on the inpatient service. Each patient is assigned to a resident as their primary physician with the full-time faculty attending physician as back-up. The resident is responsible for all matters of patient care, writes all orders concerning the patient, and is the major decision maker regarding that patient. Residents function like private physicians with the assistance and supervision of faculty and are regarded as such by the hospital staff, medical staff, and most importantly, their patients. Resident teaching rounds conducted by our faculty are held daily.