A Day in the Life of a UF Resident

Brandon herndon MD, Class of 2023


During my third year of residency, I continue to gain valuable experience and build great patient relationships in our busy two week continuity clinic blocks. This further prepares me for my future career in an outpatient clinic especially with the help of our Main Street specialty half days such as sports medicine, procedures, women's health, pain management, high risk diabetes and transition of care clinics. I found that I have been very well prepared for a successful career in outpatient medicine while on my interview trail given our complex patient panels, knowledgeable preceptors and exposure to aspects of billing and coding. I have ample time to refine my inpatient skills in a large, tertiary care hospital while helping interns and medical students and learning from a myriad of specialists. We are very comfortable practicing hospital medicine by graduation and many fellow residents go on to find jobs as hospitalists. Outside of work, my wife and I enjoy taking our two dogs to nearby parks and nature trails and hanging out with friends at the many great local restaurants and breweries.

Brandon Herndon, MD

Sukhi Grewal MD, Class of 2024


As a PGY2, we start the 2+2 schedule meaning we have our continuity clinic every 2 weeks for 2 weeks. In between, we have our inpatient service, rotations such as OBGYN, MICU and Newborn and electives. This schedule is one of my favorite parts of this program because this clinic first setting allows for more work life balance, building continuity with my patients, strengthening the skills needed to manage a wide variety of pathologies in hospital and ambulatory settings and gaining extensive experience into the workings of a clinic. It’s also the best time to build your resume for fellowship. In my spare time, I enjoy arts and crafts, traveling everywhere, running and spending time with family and friends.


Chris lindeman MD, Class of 2025


On a typical day of our inpatient service, I generally arrive around 5:30 am for sign out with the night team at 6:00 am. A unique part of our inpatient service is that we exclusively admit patients who have a UF Family Medicine physician (including us residents) as their PCP. This provides a great opportunity for continuity, as we may see patients in the hospital who we’ve treated in clinic or vice versa. Once rounding is done, I then place orders, speak with consult teams, or update family members. If I am on the admitting team, I will stay until 7 pm for admissions. Otherwise, I may be attending didactics on Wednesdays or your own continuity clinic in the afternoon. I feel like our intern year, while busy, offers plenty of time away from work for me to pursue things I enjoy outside of medicine, like running and exercising, spending time with my significant other or friends, or relaxing with my cats at home.

Chris Lindeman, MD