A Day in the Life of a UF Resident

Sukhi Grewal MD, Class of 2024


During my last year of residency, I continue to gain knowledge and experience in outpatient and inpatient settings. With our 2+2 clinic schedule and our clinic blocks including specialty half days such as sports medicine, procedures, women’s health and OB, high risk diabetes, pain management and mobile clinic, I feel more and more prepared for a career in outpatient medicine. On our inpatient rotation at our large, tertiary academic hospital, our roles include helping interns, teaching and learning from a myriad of specialists. We are very comfortable going into outpatient or inpatient careers upon graduation given the exposure we obtain through our complex patient panels, diverse rotations, knowledgeable attendings and insight into billing and coding. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, running, and spending time with family and friends exploring Gainesville and Florida.


Chris Lindeman MD, Class of 2025


As second year residents, we begin the 2 + 2 curriculum where we have 2 weeks of dedicated clinic time and then 2 weeks of other rotations. These other rotations include our inpatient service, MICU, Peds ED, OBGYN, and more. This is also the year in which we begin to act as seniors, namely on our inpatient rotation where we supervise and assist our fellow interns. In our clinic blocks, we also have scheduled half-days in our specialty clinics at Main Street (our home resident clinic). These include OB, procedures, high risk diabetes, sports med, pain clinic, and others. Thus we get great exposure to all possible patient populations, pathologies, and procedures that are possible in a Family Medicine outpatient clinic. Overall I’ve really enjoyed the transition to second year and the more structured clinic curriculum that makes our program unique. Outside of work I enjoy working out at the gym, listening to music, video games, spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends and co-residents, and spending time with my partner and our two cats.

Chris Lindeman, MD

Maham Ahmed MD, Class of 2026


A typical day in the life of an intern varies depending on what rotation we’re on. As an intern, most rotations are a month long. So far, I’ve primarily been on inpatient services. In just a few short months as an intern, I’ve already had inpatient experiences in our FM inpatient service, labor and delivery, and the newborn nursery. I usually get to work by 6 am for inpatient services for morning sign-out, precharting, and to preround on my patients before we round with the attendings. After rounds, we work on completing patient charting and ensuring that orders and consults are placed. The rest of our shift is spent following up on our patients, admitting new patients, or, if you’re on L&D- delivering babies! Every week, regardless of what service, there is a half day of clinic at our UF main street clinic- which I love because it allows us to have continuity of care for our patients from the beginning. I already feel confident that my program will prepare me to become a well-rounded family medicine physician, and that is exactly what I wanted from my residency program! My favorite thing about our program is that we have a short and long call service for our FM inpatient service. This is a great way to ensure work-life balance.