Class of 2022

Vanessa E Billingsley

Vanessa E Billingsley MD

Medical Resident (University Of Florida)

I was born in Florida and am proud of my Latin American heritage. I lived in the States until age 8 when I moved with my family to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Exposure to many cultures through friendships and travel influenced my perspectives on human rights and taught me to question my biases. Living in Dhahran during the Gulf War taught me to value life, peace, and security and to be mindful that these things are not always easy to come by. This has, in part, led me to feel passionately about improving access to health care in this country as well as globally. I speak out against domestic violence and gender-based discrimination and believe that nobody should feel invisible. I am a pianist and love musical theater and carpentry (designing, building, and finish work). I’m a mom to 3 teenagers (14, 17, 19) and stepmom to 4 (16, 15, 12, 8). My husband and I love to watch Survivor!

Carl Brophy

Carl Brophy MD

Medical Resident (Georgetown University)

I am originally from Spokane, Washington. I went to Notre Dame for undergrad, and Georgetown for medical school. I actually started my residency in neurosurgery here at UF. After two years, I wanted to shift my focus to preventative as opposed to interventional medicine, so I made the shift to family medicine. It was easy to decide to stay at UF where the quality of life for residents is outstanding. I met my now wife early in neurosurgery residency, and we have been enjoying Gainesville. I enjoy anything active, preferably outdoors. I really enjoy playing Cody Phillips in golf and ping pong where I usually win.

Pooja M Jayaprakash

Pooja M Jayaprakash MD

Medical Resident – Chief Resident (University Of South Florida)

I became interested in Family Medicine while pursing an English literature degree at Wellesley College. Wellesley fostered my interest in LGBTQ and women’s health, which remain a focus of my training. I chose UF because of its commitment to a clinic-centric model, as well as its wide resources and opportunities to work with various specialists. I love the strong sense of mentorship and friendship among the residents. I spend my free time exploring Gainesville’s nature trails and dessert options with my husband, a fellow Gator.

Brendan Koistinen

Brendan Koistinen DO

Medical Resident (Arizona College Of Midwestern University)

I grew up in Watertown, South Dakota and stayed in the midwest for my undergraduate degree in biology at Augustana University, where I also played baseball. Following undergrad, I moved out west to Phoenix, AZ where I completed a Master’s degree prior to obtaining my medical degree at AZCOM. When looking for a residency program, I knew I wanted to go to an academic program that had an affiliated sports medicine fellowship and a chance to see a variety of MSK pathology in addition to all of the bread and butter family medicine. UF fit all of those areas and my interactions with residents on my interview day had me sold. I feel that having friends as coworkers has really helped with the adjustment to residency and I couldn’t be happier to be a Gator. My wife and I love to visit Jax beach, visit all of the local breweries and restaurants, and try (but not necessarily enjoy) other Southern delicacies like boiled peanuts and grits.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee MD

Medical Resident (Texas Tech University)

I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the UF Family Medicine program. In my time here, I have been impressed by the breadth and depth of my residency training experience. There is a strong camaraderie between the residents that helps buffer the inevitable times of stress that are associated with residency training. I feel the program faculty truly strive to create a helpful and meaningful educational experience and I am grateful for the support they’ve provided as I pursue my career goals. Gainesville has a great family-friendly atmosphere and is close to a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Both the program and the area have exceeded my expectations.

Cody M Phillips

Cody M Phillips MD

Medical Resident (Mercer University)

When searching for a residency program, there were a few things that really mattered most to me. First, I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and fit in with the people that I would be working with. Next, I wanted a place that would give me a strong outpatient learning experience. Finally, I wanted a place that offered a wide variety of patient conditions and pathology to learn from. I feel like UF met all of these criteria. Out of all the places I interviewed, this program had the most friendly and outgoing people. I felt that I was able to connect instantly with the residents, and I was immediately comfortable. A very unique aspect to the UF program is the structure of the 2nd and 3rd years. Instead of 4 week blocks with multiple half days of clinic, we do two 2 weeks sessions for a block consisting of two weeks of clinic, and two weeks of whatever rotation it is that you are on. This is the aspect of the program that really sold it to me. This gives the residents more time in clinic, and better opportunity for continuity with the patients you serve. This is a very unique part of the program, and something I did not see anywhere else I went. In the near future, I desire to be a well-rounded outpatient family physician, and I believe that UF offers the best set up for that. Ultimately, these are the reasons I chose UF for my residency, and I have not regretted that decision.

Amber T Pitman

Amber T Pitman MD

Medical Resident (Florida State University)

I was born in Littleton, CO and grew up in Lake City, FL. I attended Florida State University where I received my degree Cum Laude in Exercise Science with a minor in Chemistry. I graduated from medical school at Florida State University in 2019. I chose UF Family Medicine Residency because UF Health is one of the top academic hospitals in the Southeast… in addition to being close to where I grew up. I am a wife and a mother to 2 children. I plan on returning to Lake City to practice Family Medicine in private practice. Go Gators!

Lindy A Williams

Lindy A Williams MD

Medical Resident – Chief Resident (Wake Forest)

I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida where I learned to love the Gators from an early age. I spent my undergraduate and medical school years in North Carolina where I was elected to the Gold Humanism Honors Society and was awarded the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine award. Ultimately Florida called me home for residency where I could be closer to family and train at a top tier program. After residency, I want to stay in academic medicine where I can practice both inpatient and outpatient. When not at work, you can find me jogging one of the many trails around Gainesville, or relaxing at home with my husband and pup.