Resident Profile – Alexander Leasure, MD

Alexander Leasure, MD with Family and Friends

My name is Alex Leasure and if a picture is worth a thousand words then this profile is equivalent to 12,000 words. I am the oldest of 3 siblings and I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. I played rugby in college at the University of Central Florida and went to medical school in Australia at the University of Queensland, where I also had the chance to play a bit of footy…mate.

I love to travel,hang out with my girlfriend and dog, and do anything active including but not limited to: biking, running, surfing, crossfit,and camping. I love live music, but not too loud, and fancy myself a very amateur chef. I have a coffee obsession/addiction/hobby, sometimes I brew beer with my brother, I play a little flamenco guitar and like to sing in the shower.

My family medicine residency at the University of Florida has far exceeded my expectations. I was welcomed into their amazing community and have made many new friends. The collegial environment of the program encourages you to ask questions without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. I love family medicine because you get to see such a wide range of patients and diseases and would be the best doctor in a desert island situation. I am proud to be a Gator and couldn’t think of a better place to learn how to be a doctor. Go Gators!