Resident Profile – Coty Tino, MD

Coty Tino, MD

My name is Coty Tino. I am originally from south Florida but traveled throughout my childhood to several different states and countries. My mother is a nurse so I have long been involved with the medical field. In my travels I have seen many different health care systems, some good some bad. One of the biggest faults I have noticed is the continuity of care for individuals, something I hope to help change as a Family Medicine doctor. My interests include preventative medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health; by choosing Family Medicine I have the opportunity to work in all of these areas.

I attended college at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and completed my medical degree at Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City, Tennessee. When not at work, I enjoy traveling, reading, attending live theater, and horseback riding. I chose to pursue my residency training at UF in Gainesville because of it’s reputation of being one of the best teaching residencies in the country, plus the added bonus of moving home to be close to family.