Resident Profile – Gary Allen, DO

Gary Allen, DO with his family
My name is Gary Allen. I grew up as the youngest of 5 kids in small town on the bench of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Utah. I had a wonderful childhood of playing all kinds of sports, mountain adventures, family activities, music, and work. In high school I played soccer, ran track & cross country, and had my first exposure to sports medicine through student athletic training. After graduation I left the USA for 2 years to serve a church mission in Fortaleza, Brazil where I became fluent in Portuguese and met/served with some of the best people on earth. I then enrolled in Brigham Young University where I perused a degree in Athletic Training and got to work the track, volleyball, baseball, and football teams. I also met my beautiful wife Carly during that time, and have since welcomed 2 crazy little boys (Austin and Lennox) into the family.

Somewhere along the way, I was mentored by the team physicians I worked with to consider a future in Family Medicine/Sports Medicine. So after a brief stint as a High School Athletic Trainer, I started my D.O. degree at Des Moines University in Iowa. After freezing my buns for 4 years, I am happy to be thawing out in sunny Florida in the UF Family Medicine program.

When I’m not at work, I am a family man to the core. I love roughing up my boys in a good wrestling match, swimming, going to the beach or the various Orlando attractions, and staying active myself with some good basketball or biking/running. Someday I hope to do a sports medicine fellowship and get back to caring for athletes, teams, and promoting health in the active population, but for now I really love taking care of all types of people and learning the art of medicine in residency.