Poster Session

  1. Investigators: Denny Fe Agana, Robert Hatch, Maribeth Porter, Daniel Rubin, Peter Carek
    Title: Primary Care Satisfaction Poster
  1. Investigators: Breton Asken, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Differences Between Varsity Athletes and Non-Athletes in Acute Post-Concussion Presentation
  1. Investigators: Breton Asken, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Baseline Test Performance and Days to Return-to-Contact – Implications for the Lack of Effectiveness of “Sandbagging”
  1. Investigators: Jonathan Bonnet, Stephan Eisenschenk, Jay Clugston
    Title: Seeing Double
  1. Investigators: Jonathan Bonnet, Louise Okken, Guy Nicolette
    A ‘New Dimension’ of Obesity Care
  1. Investigators: Earl Crew, Breton Asken, Molly Sullan, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Title: Acute Sleep Changes Following Sport-Related Concussion are Associated with Increased Intra-Individual Variability on ImPACT
  1. Investigators: Monique Dieuvil, Peter Carek, Erica Judge, Aly Listhaus, George Samraj
    Title: Does Insurance Status Influence HPV Vaccination Rates at University Based Primary Care Clinics?
  1. Investigators: Monique Dieuvil, John Malaty
    Title: An Uncommon Cause of Acute Encephalopathy in Liver Cirrhosis
  1. Investigators: Nicholas Dorsey, Charlie Michaudet, Troy Storey, Jay Clugston
    Title: Football Athlete with Low Back Pain
  1. Investigators: Leslie Gaynor, Breton Asken, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Title: Base Rates of Concussion-like Symptoms in Healthy Collegiate Athletes: A Predictive Tool for Post-Concussive Recovery Time
  1. Investigators: John George, John Malaty
    Title: Type 2 Diabetes Quality Improvement Project: Utilizing EMR to Improve Quality of Care
  1. Investigators: Sarah Greif, Aliyah Snyder, Breton Asken, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Title: Confirmatory Factor Analysis on the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT®) at Baseline
  1. Investigators: Zachary Houck, Breton Asken, Russell Bauer, Jay Clugston
    Title: Epidemiology of Sport-Related Concussion in a NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision Sample
  1. Investigators: Zachary Houck, Breton Asken, Russell Bauer, William Perlstein, Jon Boone, DeWayne Dubose, Jay Clugston
    Title: Improved Performance on the King-Devick Test when Re-Tested after Collegiate Sport Exposure
  1. Investigators: Andrew Hwang, Steven Smith, Chintan Dave
    Trends in Antihypertensive Medication Use Among US Patients with Resistant Hypertension, 2008-2014
  1. Investigators: Andrew Hwang, Nicholas Carris, Steven Smith, James Taylor, Karen Sando, Jason Powell, John Gums, Eric Dietrich, Katherine Vogel Anderson
    Title: Anticoagulation-Related Quality of Life Associated with Extended-Interval Monitoring: A Pre-Specified Analysis of the FADE-OUT Study
  1. Investigators: Erica Judge, Peter Carek, Monique Dieuvil, Aly Listhaus, George Samaraj
    Title: Racial Differences in HPV Vaccination Rates at an Academic Family Medicine Clinic
  1. Investigators: David Kramer, Charlie Michaudet, Stephan Eisenschenk, Kairav Shah, Jay Clugston
    Title: Headache in a Collegiate Golfer after Dental Procedures
  1. Investigators: Bob Pond, Paul Psychas
    Title: Malaria Indicator Surveys Demonstrate a Markedly Lower Prevalence of Malaria in Large Cities of Sub-Saharan Africa
  1. Investigators: Max Smith, Siegfried Schmidt, Kristin Weitzel, Randy Hatton, Amanda Elsey, Larisa Cavallari, Julie Johnson
    Title: Feasibility of Implementing a Personalized Approach to Chronic Pain Management Using CYP2D6 Genotype in a Primary Care Clinic
  1. Investigators: Molly Sullan, Breton Asken, Aliyah Snyder, Earl Crew, Jay Clugston, Russell Bauer
    Title: The Relationship Between Post-Concussive Sleep Symptoms and Recovery Time in Division I Collegiate Athletes
  1. Investigators: Jason Wilt, Charee Padilla
    Title: Otorrhea Induced by Fall from Skateboard
  1. Investigators: Jason Wilt, Louise Okken, Guy Nicolette
    Simple Interventions to Help Improve Blood Pressure Screening
  1. Investigators: Ashley Zapf, Jason Zaremski
    Chronic Back Pain in a Football Player
  1. Investigators: Phillip Nguyen, Lauren Solberg
    Title: Medical School Applicants’ Attitudes about Social Media Use